Johnson and Johnson subsidiary DePuy recalled the ASR Hip Replacement Systems. These systems have been
    implanted in nearly 100,000 persons worldwide. The DePuy hip recall came as a result of a higher than acceptable
    rate of failure requiring another hip replacement within 5 years, but additional complications have now come to light
    as a result of initial findings by leading product liability lawyers.

    Thousands of people with the recalled hip replacement have already experienced hip implant problems such as
    serious or ongoing pain, swelling, loosening or even dislocation of the hip implant. Numerous DePuy ASR Hip
    Replacement Systems failed prior to the DePuy hip recall, requiring those persons to undergo a second surgery.
    Based upon new information, data DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. cited in its hip recall notice, over 11,500 persons with
    a DePuy ASR system will suffer a failure requiring the implant to be removed and replaced with another hip implant.

    If you or a family member has a Depuy hip implant claim our Florida DePuy hip recall lawyers are offering a free
    consultation to anyone with a DePuy ASR.

    DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuits

    Hip replacement lawsuits are not new, over their history there have been all too many instances of malfunctioning
    hip implants and this is especially true for the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Systems. Prior to the DePuy hip recall,
    lawsuits alleged that DePuy manufactured a defective product, failed to warn patients and doctors of problems with
    the implant and negligence in designing, manufacturing and selling the product.

           LATEST NEWS

    Hip Joints Set Off New Rush To Court
    Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Johnson and Johnson for some of their metal
    to metal hip implants.

    A recent Wall Street Journal news story has suggested Johnson & Johnson may be the next
    large company facing a mass of lawsuits, much like the lawsuits against Toyota and BP last

    The suits are filed in state and federal courts and accuse the device-maker of knowing
    about problems with its hip joints before stopping production in 2009. J&J and its
    subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, recalled the hip devices in fall 2010.

    An analyst from Wells Fargo cited in the report said the litigation could expose J&J to at
    least $1 billion in potential liability and costs. Some lawyers are pushing for class-
    action status to combine all the complaints into a single suit.

    A DePuy spokesperson has said J&J put aside approximately $280 million to cover surgeries
    and medical care for patients with recalled hip joints. It has also increased its reserves
    for product-liability costs by $570 million.

    Read the full Wall Street Journal report on Johnson & Johnson and its recalled hip


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