Henna Tattoos have been used in many cultures for hundreds of years to celebrate and decorate skin and are used in many special
    occasions. In recent years, the practice of temporary tattoos has become more popular in the west, giving rise to a multitude of either
    stand alone kiosks or temporary festival tents offering temporary henna tattoos. The problem is that this practice is not well regulated and
    the consumer has no real idea of what type of chemical product is being used on their skin. In an effort to increase profits or a simple lack
    of experience can result in the artist using improper chemicals to create the temporary tattoo which can result in a serious injury.

                           Injuries Caused by a Henna Tattoo Burn can be Devastating and Permanent

    Of the many types of injures you can suffer, burns, in particular, pose special challenges. The skin is often left cracked and red with open
    wounds. They are often times extremely painful and can be just as painful to treat as the original injury.  Any lawyer handling a henna burn
    case should have experience with these issues and know how to prove that irresponsible or unsafe practices occurred. Beyond the
    physical pain, henna tattoos are placed in very noticeable areas of the body there fore leaving highly visible scars for years to come. Unlike
    an actual tattoo, the permanent henna tattoo does not look pleasant and can lead to years of embarrassment.  

                                                                                       Do I Need Lawyer?

                                                                        The simple answer is yes.

    We recently represented a client that received henna tattoos on both hands. Overnight, following the application her hands began to burn
    so she returned the next day to find out the brand used for her treatment so she could tell her doctor. The henna kiosk refused to give her
    the name of the dye and claimed they did not have anymore of that brand. The business simply refused to cooperate in any way to help the
    individual they had harmed. Once our firm became involved we diligently pursued action against the business owner who also refused to
    cooperate. We devised a strategy to pursue the landlord where the kiosk was located which ultimately resulted in a significant settlement
    with the business owner.

    If your loved one has suffered a serious burn injury from a henna tattoo please contact us immediately. We are happy to discuss your case
    free of charge. All henna burn cases are done on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay no attorneys fees until a settlement or verdict
    is reached in your favor.

                                                                HENNA BURNS IN THE NEWS

                                                                   Black Henna Burns through Skin


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