Defective seatbelt severs driver's liver

    Mazda has reached a confidential settlement with the plaintiff in a wrongful death case involving a 1988 Mazda 626,
    which utilized an automatic passive two point restraint system. The plaintiff, who was not wearing his lapbelt,
    became drowsy while driving the Mazda, which drifted off the road and hit a tree. The driver died as a result of a
    lacerated liver caused by the seatbelt. Plaintiff alleged defective design of the seatbelt restraint system. After the
    Geier case, plaintiff amended the complaint to allege alternative designs that criticized the implementation of the
    seatbelt system and dropped the claim that a manual three point belt should have been used. Raymond Bodiford
    represented the plaintiff.  

    Ford Explorer Rollover results in death of mother of three

    A mother and her three young children were traveling on Interstate 95 in North Carolina in a Ford Explorer when it
    suddenly rolled over along the roadway. Although the occupants had been properly seat belted, the mother passed
    away at the scene of the car accident, leaving her three young children orphaned. The parties reached a
    settlement and the family set up trusts for the care of each of the three children, who currently live with their aunt
    and uncle in Central Florida.

    Child's death results from poor welding by the manufacturer

    A vehicle during a side collision came apart resulting in the death of a child. Our investigation has shown a poor
    welding method on unibody construction which means in foreseeable side impacts the front and rear half of the car
    can completely separate due to spot welding. This case is still underway.
    2009 Plaintiff verdict for UM coverage resulting from Auto Accident

    A 62 year old grandfather- previously disabled due to a 1988 hip injury-was rear ended in 2005 by an uninsured
    drunk driver causing head, neck/shoulder injuries and aggravation of pre-existing depression and anxiety. It is
    important to note the victim in this case was retired therefore the verdict did not include a wage loss claim.A
    demand was made against the uninsured motorist carrier State Farm but they chose to offer only $75,000 of their
    $100,000 policy limits. Howard Butler filed suit and took the case to trial. State Farm argued that the plaintiff had
    only a 6th grade education, suffered a concussion with little or no sequelae and a myriad of pre-existing health and
    mental problems. They argued that his life was essentially unchanged. After a week and a half of evidence
    including testimony by experts in bioengineering, human tolerance, neuroradiology, neuropsychology, etc a jury
    rendered a verdict roughly 12.5 times SF's pre-suit offer ($958,000). A bad faith claim is currently being pursued.
    Chrysler settles recalled auto part case after client is injured by defective steering

    Chrysler agreed to a confidential settlement of a case involving a defective steering column coupler on a 1995
    Dodge Neon. This model vehicle was recalled by Chrysler after a lengthy battle with NHTSA. Plaintiff hit a
    depression in the road filled with water, thereby causing an impact to the Neon’s under carriage. Plaintiff suffered
    multi-disc herniations, which required fusion due to the cord compression, and had a broken hip which required
    iron rods to be replaced in his leg. Upon return from recovery in a nursing home, plaintiff found the recall notice in
    the mail. Chrysler contended that the force of the water was enough to cause decoupling. It turned out that the
    manufacturer had known about the problem for a few years but had fault failed to tell the public or do a recall in a
    timely fashion. Raymond Bodiford represented the plaintiff.  

    DaimlerChrysler settles claim where driver was ejected through the window of his
    Dodge Dakota

    At mediation, DaimlerChrysler agreed to settle a case involving a 1998 Dodge Dakota vehicle accident.. The
    Dakota struck a tree, resulting in the plaintiff’s ejection through the driver’s side window. The plaintiff was impaled
    on a tree branch in the anus and required several surgeries. Raymond Bodiford represented the plaintiff.  

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